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With the largest metropolitan area in the Middle East and the Arab world, Cairo, Egypt has a metro population of almost seven million, and an urban population of another ten million residents. The city is located on the southern Nile delta, and has a history that is thousands of years old. Civilization in the region started in 3100BCE in ancient Egypt, while the modern city of Cairo was founded in 969AD by the Fatimid dynasty. Cairo is often referred to as “the city of one thousand minarets” because of the many mosques that have been built in the city over the millennium. With the decline of the city of Memphis in the fourth century, the Romans built a fortress town on the east bank of the Nile, which is the oldest surviving structure in the city. In 640AD the city was taken over by the Muslim conquest and was named the capital of Egypt for the first time. In 1171 Saladin captured the city from the last Fatimid caliph, becoming the first Sultan of Egypt. In 1250 the city was overrun and captured by the Mamluk slave soldiers, and by 1517 the city fell to the Ottomans, becoming the second largest city in the Byzantine empire behind only Constantinople. By the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Cairo had moved on from its routes in the spice trade and instead became a center for the movement of Yemeni coffee and Indian textiles through the region. After a series of sieges by the French, Cairo fell to the Albanian Muhammad Ali Pasha who became its first Viceroy. Ali Pasha led a series of social and economic reforms which transformed the city, and he is today often referred to as the founder of modern Egypt. His grandson carried his torch with the construction of a section of the city which closely mirrored European architecture and city planning. Cairo was again captured in 1882, this time by a British contingent, and did not gain its independence until 1922, although British forces remained in the city until the Egyptian revolution in the 1950’s. Today Cairo is the financial and commercial center of Egypt and is home to many of the nations museums and government houses. While a large portion of the city’s economy is based around tourism and the service sector, industry, finance, and commerce have taken hold in the city as well.

Traveling in Cairo

Cairo is a city more than one thousand six hundred years old, and still has much of its history on display. Millions of tourists visit the city each year, to visit sites like Tahrir Square or the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, which has on display more than one hundred and thirty-six thousand pieces, including the exhibition of the child King Tutankhamun; the museum is said to house several hundred thousand more artifacts in its bowels. As the city of one thousand minarets, Cairo is also home to many famous mosques including the Al-Azhar, Ibn Tulun, and Al Hakim mosques. A more modern destination for tourists may be the Cairo Tower with its revolving restaurant at its top, giving patrons a bird’s eye view of the city. Cairo has an extensive network of subways, trams, busses, and trolleys, which attempt to handle the millions of passengers through the city each year. With rapid expansion over the past few decades, and a city plan that dates back hundreds of years, traffic is often chaotic in the city for both residents and travelers alike. To ease the tensions which arise from the congestion of modern travel, for your safety, and to fully experience all that the cityand the surrounding region has to offer, booking your ground transportation with Royal AmericanCairo isyour best option. Transport services with Royal American are timely, convenient, and most importantly, safe. We can provide a wide range of vehicle types including but not limited to: business sedans, luxury sedans, SUVs, minivans and minibuses, executive vans and buses, mini coaches and motor coaches, and a very large selection of armored vehicles. RalimoCairo is the most capable company to fulfill all of your transportation requirements when planning for anextended family holiday, short vacation, business trip, or organizing a major event. Whether you need transportation to andfrom one of the many historical sites and museums, hotel, business meeting, or simply a guide around town, Royal American has a top-quality fleet of vehicles with knowledgeable and courteous chauffeurs who are ready to serve you.

Cairo Airport Services

Cairo International Airport (IATA: CAI, ICAO: HECA) is the main airport serving the city and is the busiest airport in Egypt, and the second busiest in Africa behind only South Africa’s OR Tambo. The airport is situated roughly 15 km (9 mi) northeast of Cairo in the city of Heliopolis; in 2015 CAI served nearly fifteen million passengers. The other gateways to Cairo are the twin ports of Said and Fuad to the northeast of the city. Royal AmericanCairo can provide transfer between CAIandthe ports, to hotels, business meetings, orto one of the manyhistorical sites and museumsin the city,when you book on our website or speak with a professional team member over the phone. The peace of mind knowing Royal Americanwill be there for you always is priceless. A driver will meet you at your flight or cruise, take care of your bags, and escort you to a well-maintained vehicle of your choosing, to be driven in safety and comfort to your destination in the city. RalimoCairois proud to provide top-quality service to each and every customer so that you can relax and enjoy your travels.

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